Kings Reserve Royal Decaf - 18 senseo podsKing's Reserve Royal Decaf  Ground (8 oz. Bag)

The finest Water Process Decaf Coffee in coffee pod form. Our Royal Decaf selection is part of
our Kings Reserve Kona Hawaiian Coffee Line. We select only the absolute best and most
reliable water process decaf coffee from growers that we know.Island Decaf has the same wonderful flavor of our Estate Blend coffee but without the caffeine.

  • Our Island Decaf is 100% non-chemical water process decaf, which removes the caffeine in the safest, purest way possible. 
  • We carefully roast our decaf coffee to a rich, medium-dark level, making sure that the full, rich flavor is highlighted.
  • Here is the opportunity to enjoy your Senseo-style brewer and decaf coffee - never a watery cup of decaf coffee again!
  • Now you can avoid the usual awful-tasting decaf coffee normally available in coffee pods.
  • Enjoy a superb cup of decaf coffee brewed with your Senseo-style single-serve pod coffee brewer. 
  • If you have a Keurig K-Cup brewer you can enjoy these wonderful pods by purchasing a Pod Adapter for your Keurig machine and K-cup brew in the most eco-friendly way possible.


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