Gold Kings Reserve MediumGold Kings Reserve Medium Dark Roast Custom Kona Blend

 "Senseo Pods"  ( Box of 18 pods)

  • These are premium 10 gram Coffee Pods for all Senseo-type coffee machines.
  • GOLD Kings Reserve Blend is a Medium-Dark roast flavor profile that is an excellent choice for a refreshing cup of coffee at any time of day.
    •  Each coffee pod is sealed in an airtight pouch for freshness and they are packed 18 per box. 
  • Our GOLD Kings Reserve Senseo Pods brew a really great cup of coffee with your Senseo, Bunn, Cuisinart, Mr. Coffee, or other single-serve pod coffee brewing machine. 
  • We carefully blend our Pure Hawaiian Coffee with our Certified Organic Rain Forest Alliance Fair Trade coffee and roast in very small batches.
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