Espresso Kings Reserve KonaEspresso Roast, Kings Reserve Kona Hawaiian Coffee Blend  Ground (8 oz. Bag)

ESPRESSO, Kings Reserve Espresso Roast, Custom Kona Blend

  • Kings Reserve Espresso Roast Kona Blend is an espresso coffee that will please every espresso lover.
  • Exquisitely handcrafted, our Espresso is very smooth and retains its low acid quality because we roast so carefully. 
  • Taking a great coffee to a true espresso roast level must be done with patience and attention to detail to avoid the burned taste that is not uncommon with espresso roasts. 
  • This espresso is extremely rich, with a deep, dark flavor profile that is outstanding for every espresso beverage and also as a robust, dark brewed coffee.  
  • Kings Reserve Espresso produces superb shots with every espresso machine, with a smooth rich crema. 
  • As with all of our selections in our Kings Reserve collection of fine coffees, we create this custom blend with our 100% Pure Kona Coffee, our Pure Hawaiian Coffee and our Certified Organic Rain Forest Alliance Fair Trade Coffee.  We balance this blend so that the wonderful traits of each of these special coffees are enhanced.


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