Diamond Medium-Light RoastDiamond ​Medium-Light Roast 100% Pure   Kona Coffee                 "Whole Bean"  (8 0z. Bag)                Our Private Reserve Diamond 100% Pure Kona Coffee has been pleasing coffee lovers since we first introduced this very special coffee way back in 2000.  This Kona coffee is the best of all Kona Hawaiian coffee.This is truly the best example of how extraordinarily special 100% Pure Kona Coffee can be.  And, of course, Aloha Island is the best Kona coffee brand because we are committed to presenting only the best. 

The secret of this wonderful coffee selection is our proprietary Medium-Light roast. Our Master Roaster carefully roasts this very delicate coffee to a perfect level where its mild, mellow texture is enhanced.

  • Now, let's be honest; our Private Reserve Diamond 100% Pure Kona coffee is not for everyone.  Frankly, if you prefer a cup of coffee that is so robust and strong that your spoon stands up in it, this is not the coffee selection for you.  
  • If you enjoy a mellow, mild but very flavorful cup of coffee that you can sip and savor, this is the coffee for you.
  • Produced in a facility that uses peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, soy, milk & wheat.
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