About Us

young-eilenberger.jpgIn 1881, F. H. Eilenberger's parents left their home in Leipzig, Germany and sailed to America to pursue their dream in the new land of opportunity.

In May of 1898, young 21-year-old F. H. opened a bakery in tiny Palestine, Texas. Along with his hopes and dreams, F. H. also tucked away an old family recipe for fruitcake. Using that recipe, the finest ingredients available, and some old world know-how, his fruitcake became a delicious success.

As more and more people bought his cakes, the Eilenberger reputation of having the freshest, highest quality bakery products began to grow.

Despite a devastating fire, the Depression years and two World Wars, the business thrived.

Just as it was in F.H.'s day, we use nothing but the finest ingredients and insist that every cake be made the old-fashioned way-lovingly mixed, baked and decorated entirely by hand. Sure it's more time-consuming, but we think our people, not machinery, are the only ones qualified to deem a product perfect. It's this unique hands-on" approach to quality that's made Eilenberger's baked goods a holiday tradition for over 121 years.

historic.jpgMuch has changed in the last century, but our commitment to quality has never waned. In fact, we guarantee your Eilenberger favorites will arrive bakery fresh and meet your strict standards or we'll make it right. From the moment your order is received until it arrives at your home, our friendly staff and management team is on the job to make sure you are 100% satisfied.